Building Successful Students

Skills learned at Create It Kids Club carry over to school and enhance performance in the classroom. Create It Kids Club helps build successful students through the performing arts. Our program helps develop verbal skills, communication skills, and social skills (how to take turns, be patient, work as a team) – all the things classroom teachers want students to learn, but may not have time to focus on during the school day.

Raising Confident Kids

Kids are given the freedom to create and be themselves, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. One of the best things you can do for children is allow them to have their own voice. Everything our kids create at Create It Kids Club, they create themselves. By giving children the freedom to think for themselves, to be who they are, it raises their confidence. They feel, “I can do this – let me show you!” They feel, “I matter.”

Unleashing Creativity

Children use their creativity to find new and exciting ways to solve problems and achieve as never before. When you allow a child to use their creativity to solve a problem, you’re empowering them. It’s why instead of telling our kids what to do, we ask them, “What would you do in this situation?” Or, “How do you think this will work?” They ponder it. They apply their imagination. And, in the end, they become independent, confident problem-solvers.

Developing Social Skills

Our program helps build the social skills that are critical to success – respect, empathy, listening, and teamwork. Strong social skills are key to success. Learning not to speak out of turn. Listening to, and respecting, other people’s opinions. Treating others with kindness. Working well as part of a team. These are skills that are learned and reinforced each day at Create It Kids Club –enabling our kids to grow and mature, empowering them to go far.

About Us

It’s a wonderful thing to see children grow in confidence – to watch as their imaginations run free, as they think and problem-solve for themselves, as they work together as one.

At Create It Kids Club, ours is the perfect stage for building confident, successful kids: a unique after-school program where kids learn and grow through the performing arts. Here, in a fun, positive, energized environment, children use their imagination to create original productions each week, while developing lifelong skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Supremely confident and highly skilled, they are able to perform as never before – not only on stage, but in school and in life.


“My daughter has improved on her social skills since attending the Summer Camp. She is excited to come to camp every day and the days that there is no camp she misses it terribly.”

Parent of 5 yr old

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